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15. 4. 2010 - 9 .5. 2010

The exhibition at The Chemistry Gallery, called miKOMIKomiko, follows one of the basic lines of the painter Jan Mik's work: his paintings of prison cells, through action painting in collaboration with the theater group Spitfire Company, to paintings reacting to the violence in Iran.

Jan Miko graduated from the Secondary School of Arts in Prague in 2001 under the guidance of acad. he had Roman Kárník and was subsequently accepted at the VŠUP in Prague to the painting studio of prof. Stanislav Diviš (Stubborn). In 2009, he left Diviš's studio due to insurmountable disagreements and in an effort to preserve his distinctive handwriting. It is made up of simple objectivity, an emphasis on existential values, expressionistic colors and a simple line referring to the techniques used in graffiti, with which Jan Miko started.

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