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12. 9. 2014 - 9. 10. 2014

The exhibition will take place in the newly renovated premises of The Chemistry Gallery, located in the same building where the gallery was located until now (the building of the former Elektrické podniká, Bubenská 1), just on the opposite corner of the building (next to the Neone club in the premises of the former cultural center Vltavská). The opening will be the first event in the new space of the gallery.

MATA(R) is the name of the art project of Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková (15/12/1982), created in connection with the artist's recent stay in the city of Brasilia, where she went to discover the work of Oscar Niemeyer (Rio de Janerio, 1907-2012), a disciple of LeCorbusier's international modernist school. During an artist residency in Brasilia (2014), Skřivánková realized how Niemeyer's architecture conquers the natural landscape without integrating into it, how the city center turned out to be not very practical and livable for the local population. The idea of ​​progress and the policy of "conquering" the savannah by the Brazilian government near Brasilia in the 1960s turned out to be just another ideal. Based on this experience, a cycle of paintings called MATA(R) was created, in which tropical vegetation floods the impressive Brazilian architecture. MATA(R) is derived from two terms: the word "mata" refers to the Brazilian rainforest; "matar" means "to kill" in Portuguese and Spanish. The name MATA(R) thus hides a kind of internal paradox, which can be translated as "destroy the primeval forest".

The guest of the exhibition is audiovisual artist Jan Nálepa ​​(graduate of VŠUP 2014) with his sound compositions generated from plants.

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