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Laura Limbourg

During my studies at the academy, I went through several different studios and internships that influenced my current style and choice of content in paintings and objects. At the beginning of my studies in Martin Mainer's studio, I painted classically -oil on canvas – with a focus on aviation, later I worked with watercolors and paper.

When I moved to the studio of Josef Bolf and Jakub Hošek I started working with silk and unwritten canvas using diluted acrylic colors - which I used for my dissertation.

During my fourth year, I traveled to Southeast Asia. I visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. I was very negatively affected by the ubiquitous phenomenon of prostitution and girls at a very young age standing on the streets. During these trips, I made various sketches and small pictures.


After returning to the Czech Republic, I still had a deep need find out as much information as possible about this terrible problem.  The only possible way for me to express this was painting, where I had the opportunity to voice my disagreement and draw attention to the problem. The stories and compositions of the girls began to emerge. I portrayed them as strong heroines and as fragile girls, on whom a lot of unwanted attention is focused. I greatly reduced descriptiveness in the paintings. I felt it was not important to portray very young girls realistically, and instead emphasized color and symbols.

Laura Limbourg

Solo exhibitions


Dragon and His Tail
Hump in Honey, Trafo Gallery
Gimme a Big Great Smile, Nová Galerie, Prague
In the Mood, Galerie Dolmen, Prague



Group exhibitions


Devine, HOFA, London 



No drama, chemistry gallery, Brusel
Kaleidoscope, Yiri Arts, Taiwan 
ART TAIPEI, Yiri Arts, Taiwan
Parallel scenarios, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague



Ta Malba, Trafo Gallery, Prague
Let Me Tell You a Story about..., Galerie kritiků, Prague
Kunstkabinett, DSC gallery, Prague 
ART TAIPEI, Yiri Arts, Taiwan
Ucooperative Movement, Yiri Arts, Taiwan
ART TAICHUNG, Yiri Arts, Taiwan 



Critic's Award for Young Painting, Galerie kritiků, Praha
Boys and Girls, Nová galerie, Prague
Speed art dating, Ex post, Prague
Please wait to be called, Ply gallery, London, VB
Girls Girls Girls, Art & event gallery Černá labuť, Prague
Spectator disease, Polansky gallery, Prague
Spectator disease, Holešovická Šachta 

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