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Jakub Tytykalo

In my paintings, I try to be as authentic as possible. I don’t really choose the subjects, I rather let them develop along the process. I think that the pool of images in the subconscious plane of the mind is endless and there is always something that surprises me. I tend to stay on the edge of the descriptive, provoking the audience’s imagination to translate it into its own language. That also connects us on the non-verbal level of understanding, making space for freedom of interpretation. There are, however, sources of inspiration that I have to mention: Gustav Meyrink’s books, in which I’ve found the essence of understanding what the nature of matter is, some of Rudolf Steiner’s texts and, of course, Surrealist and Metaphysical painters. I combine and transmute my personal life with that imagery in an attempt to create an artwork that can stand alone, hoping that it would speak to a viewer even a hundred years from today.

Jakub Tytykalo

Solo exhibitions



Sidewinding, Bold Gallery, Prague


In dust of the visions - Dark matter gallery, Prague


Headless rider, Gallery PRÁM, Prague

Group exhibitions


I am the Space Where I am, Galerie Klatovy Klenova 


Myth Game, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague 

I’ll reach into the grotto my chest with my hand, Berlinskej Model, Prague


Liquid Sands, PRÁM, Prague


Loose end, Prague House, Brussels


Metaphysical bedtime stories, Trafo Gallery, Prague

International Figurative Biennale, Davis, USA

How you call to the forest, Gallery PRÁM, Prague

Dialog with Stepan Capek, KALI gallery, Luzern, Switzerland


PRÁM 3 years anniversary exhibition

PRÁM – Factory co.


Paths might be different, Gallery NTK, Prague

There is something behind everything, Gallery 1, Prague

Marble arch, with Matous Lipus, Galerie Caesar, Olomouc 


Graduates of AVU – Veletrzni Palac, National Gallery, Prague


Gallery Klatovy – Klenová – linocut symposium 

Gallery Makrac, Prague


Parallel worlds, with Matous Lipus, Gallery Makrac, Prague

Sgraffito symposium, Siroký dvur, Breclav

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