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I want to go home! Nobody wants to play with me here anyway!

4. 11. 2022 - 3. 12. 2022

The exhibition of the sculptor Tea and the painter Michal Rapant presents not only the meeting of two friends, but also two distinctive and bold creators. Expressive and emotionally charged paintings meet here with a series of experimentally conceived sculptures. At the same time, both of these media serve to express the personal experiences of the authors, who present and store their own experience, memories and feelings in them.

Like Tea in her sculptures, also Michal Rapant copes with the negative moments of his own childhood in his paintings. The rocking horses in the exhibition complement Rapant's paintings of morbidly tormented teddy bears. In contrast to these weighty subjects are canvases of frolicking children rendered in Rapant's characteristically expressive handwriting, which underlines the very theme of play and movement. The author captures children not only happy, but also angry, sad, grinning, in the whole range of their moods, which children can express directly and honestly, and which adults often hide and suppress. In this way, the thematic and formal immediacy and openness are connected in exhibited paintings and sculptures.

Tea (*1993) is a graduate of Michael Gabriel's sculpture studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts of VUT in Brno from 2019. Michal Rapant (*1986) was attending Vasil Artamonov's studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts of VUT in Brno and is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in Vladimír Skrepl's studio from 2018.

text: Šárka Belšíková

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