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Genius of the night 

1. 2. 2021 - 14. 3. 2021

A solo exhibition by one of the most ingenious contemporary Czech figurative painters, Tomáš Jetela, at The Chemistry Gallery in Prague will present the author's work from the last two years of work in his Prague studio. Jetela's work is still mainly focused on the figure. Facial expressions, or hand gestures, are the alpha and omega of his painting interest. His characteristic - sharp, accurate and fast drawing is the main distinguishing feature of his painterly handwriting. Collages, which he first used for his acclaimed diploma thesis called Library, Jetela continues to use as a significant part of painting. Somewhere it creates an abstract background, somewhere the figure itself. Elsewhere, the characters, sentences or words pasted on it complement the biased expression of the protagonist. The lonely figures in his paintings are often in hopeless situations, reflecting the world of the author himself. His favorite life on the edge obviously also applies to the characters in his paintings. However, in addition to experienced seasoned elegans, the meaning palette is expanding to other author's favorite genres - porn or clear stylistic references to Egon Schiele. The exhibition thus presents a whole diverse range of the author's painting approaches to depicting the figure, with such a matter of course that the inscription Make Me Immortal on one of the paintings does not have to be just a pious wish. On the contrary, Jetela certainly writes another unforgettable chapter of his painting career with the exhibition Genius of the Night.

curator: Petr Hájek

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