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Entropy freehand

27. 11. 2014 - 10. 1. 2015

Graduate from Art University in Brno (2012) and current assistant of Martin Mainer at his studio at Prague's Academy of Fine Arts. A solo exhibition of a prominent figure of contemporary abstract painting.

Samuel Paučo (b. 1986), a former pedagogue at FaVU in Brno and now an assistant at the Malba4 studio at AVU in Prague, is preparing his comprehensive solo exhibition after three years at The Chemistry Gallery in Prague, in which he continues to develop his age-old theme of the mountain landscape, which as a parameter permeates both the level of the subject of his paintings and, in various variations, the formal principle of creation itself. Here, Paučo once again emphasizes his status as an essential painter who constantly turns to the typical image of "home", to the local, to what constitutes the insistent subconscious experience of the matter of "Slovakism", but at the same time to the universal immersion of man in his being.

Pauča's earlier canvases were characterized by a strict horizontal layout, dominant color stripes that overlapped the painting of a rocky mountain massif in the background, which was subsequently disrupted by a gestural cross in the shape of the letter "x" as a symbol of the collision of two opposing horizons, and in the canvases of recent years it reached a vertical internal principle, embodied both in the layering of individual canvases on top of each other and in the penetration of images by a vertical dominant.

curator: Pavel Kubesa

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