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Eliáš Urban 

Painter Eliáš Urban, a 2016 graduate of AVU (studio of Jiří Sopek), deals in his works with the theme of growing through the environment and the events that take place in it. In the paintings, for example, there are figures performing activities that, at first glance, are not entirely logical to the viewer concerning the place where the scene is located, or the places themselves are placed in not entirely plausible contexts, creating a kind of "harmonic discord". Although at first glance the paintings seem to offer "nothing more" than the depiction of reality, the ingenious work with paradoxes creates a mushroom of visual joy for the prepared viewer. His paintings are characterized by a special play with content, absurdity, and subtle humor.


Solo exhibitions


“Urban jungle”, Kasárna Karlín /Brick gallery


"Ciziny", Galerie Toyen


"Places", The Chemistry Gallery and K10 Coworking

"Playgrounds", Moon gallery

Group exhibitions


“One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor“,The Chemistry Gallery,Summer Pop Up: Holešovická tržnice


Long year, DAMU


"I'd stretch strings and build a bridge", The Chemistry Gallery, Dům Radost 


„Gnosis“, DUP39

„FLAT“, Porto/Rés-da-rua gallery


exhibitions of graduates AVU, Polička

Prameny, Art symposium

Vanity fair, exhibitions of graduates AVU, Veletržní palác


„I love you, but do not tell me that I have a big head“, AVU Gallery 

Figurama, National Technical Library, Prague


Figura 09, SUPŠ sv. Anežky, Český Krumlov

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