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The Diplomas 2012

10. 8. 2012 - 2. 9. 2012

The Chemistry Gallery has a pleasure of inviting you to another piece from the series of young contemporary art oriented exhibition - group exhibition „Diplomky 2012“ („The Diplomas 2012“). Diplomky 2012 presents the selection of 2012 Czech art-college graduates, namely The Academy of Fine Art (Prague), The Faculty of Fine Arts (Brno) and The Faculty of Fine Arts of Ostrava’s University.

Come to see the most interesting works of brand new art graduates!

The Diplomas 2012 exhibition continues a long-term exhibition cycle, the strategy of which is a selective presentation of works by students or graduates of Czech art studios that are part of final or diploma theses ("Best of Final theses" - 2010, "Diplomky 2011" - 2011). The exhibition presents authors - graduates of Czech art schools - at one of the turning points in their artistic careers, when they leave the environment of academies and their work acquires the context of independent artistic activity.

From a curatorial point of view, Diplomky 2012 wants to respond to the current practice of exhibiting a similar format of exhibitions, where individual schools present the work of their graduates in a collective exhibition at the end of the year. In recent years, it has been possible to see exhibitions spatially conceived, for example, according to the final evaluation (FAVU 2011) or based on an intuitive spatial layout, which, however, strictly separates the works of individual authors from each other (FAVU 2012, AVU 2011). The diplomas 2012 strive to overcome this austere, partly non-conceptual presentation of the work of individual authors, which is limited to the "mere display" of part of the diploma cycle and thus neglects the often comprehensive and several-year work of searching for artistic expression and the author's creative concept. "We believe that finding the right mechanism for this search and learning to constantly "self-question" about the nature of one's own work is one of the main goals of art school studies. Therefore, even our understanding of final diploma theses, including their evaluation, should be based on elementary familiarity with this author's way of thinking", says Pavel Kubesa, co-author of the exhibition. The graduates of 2012 therefore want to convey at least minimal awareness of how the youngest graduates think about their work and art as such.

The exhibition will feature:

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague: Tadeáš Kotrba, Jakub Tomáš, Josefína Jonášová, Pavel Příkaský, Jiří Lauterkranc, Tereza Eisnerová

Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno: Kateřina Pěkná, Barbora Chlastáková, Jan Pražan, Martin Vrága, Aneta Valentová

Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava: Milan Hajdík, Filip Holeček, Kateřina Sudolská

curator: Petr Hájek, Pavel Kubesa

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