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7. 9. 2012 - 9. 9. 2012

"Czechoslovak Trophies" – a three-day pop-up store that will present a selection from the emerging generation of young Czech and Slovak designers, fashion designers, and visual artists. The exhibition will take place on the premises of The Chemistry Gallery in Prague's Holešovice (Bubenská 1), from September 7-9, 2012. The goal of the presentation is not only the first domestic launch of a project with already considerable international overlap but above all the connection of the current Slovak, Zlín, and Prague scene of contemporary young design and art. The whole event will be enriched by a varied accompanying program (fashion shows, concerts, lectures, live painting, tattoo show, video mapping), which will also include foreign guests (USA).

The "Czechoslovak Trophies" exhibition continues the already long-standing exhibition activity of the Project Czech.Slovak project, which aims to represent and export young Czech and Slovak design and art beyond the borders of the former Czechoslovakia and to gain for them both well-deserved admiration and commercial appreciation. As a premium, the project in cooperation with the Czech Center was presented in New York in 2010, and a year later the organizers presented an extensive sales exhibition in the American city of Binghamton in the state of New York. Czechoslovak Trophies will then present a traveling exhibition at The Chemistry Gallery, which is a direct follow-up to the recent exhibition in Barcelona in July 2012.

The upcoming exhibition Czechoslovak Trophies in Prague wants to offer a comprehensive idea of ​​contemporary young design and visual art united under the brand name Projekt Czech.Slovak, as well as draw the attention of the Czech audience to its continuous foreign representative activity. The multimedia exhibition brings together artists who create in a wide range of artistic media from photography, fashion, product design and jewelry, artistic graphics, or product packaging. The current form of Czechoslovak Trophies, which is primarily based on the foundations of the Tomáš Bata University in Zlín, is now additionally newly enriched with authors who studied or work mainly in Prague. "In my opinion, this connection of several "scenes" is a great benefit, both for all participating artists and for the further fulfillment of the vision of the Project Czech.Slovak project itself in the future", says Martina Gajdačová on behalf of Project Czech.Slovak.

One of the highlights of the opening accompanying program will be a concert by the band Fertilizer from Český Krumlov, the video mapping of Jan Hladil will provide a visual background to the entire evening, and a Becherovka Lemond drink prepared especially for the Czechoslovak Trophies will be created in the hands of a leading Prague bartender. "I personally would not miss a single day of the exhibition. The entire three-day event is designed in such a way that the visitors riot with art on the first two days. The second day is also interesting for those who are fans of tattoos or live painting - distinctive tattooist Ondřej Konupčík will demonstrate his art and Petr Štuller will present a street art live painting show. Saturday evening will be accompanied by a concert by our guest - a rapper from the USA who calls himself Nironic. On the last day, I would recommend attending a lecture with a screening of short animated films produced by the Tomáš Bata University in Zlín, which will be introduced and presented by Pavel Žáček. As for our guest Brent Williamson, whose lecture I had the opportunity to see in Barcelona, ​​he is personally my favorite", says Leo Macenauer, co-author of the exhibition.

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