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Colorful Downer

11.12.2020 – 31.1.2021

At first glance, it may seem that the work and thus the visual thinking of painter Lucie J. Skřivánková (1982) and sculptor Patrik Adamec (1994) do not have much in common, but in reality it is possible to find several quite strong converging moments. Formally, both authors are inclined to express with a tendency to abstract the shape. It varies in a relatively wide range defined on the one hand by fine texture or structural layering, and distinct deformations on the other hand. There is also a general emphasis on spatiality. Within the work of Lucie J. Skřivánková it is mainly supported by painting with plaster pastes, processed directly with her fingers or even with the help of tools intended for subtle building or façade activities, so that her linearly guided gestural compositions - with a bit of exaggeration - achieve haptic qualities of low relief. Color usually plays a significant role in both. It is precisely through its active application that Patrik Adamc manages to go beyond the usual traditionally somewhat binding boundaries of sculptural materiality.

text: Radek Wohlmuth

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